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I grew up in this generation. The generation that sported these WWJD bracelets and honestly, the “What Would Jesus Do” statement seemed so clear to me and I never really questioned it much more. Jesus would….. love. So, I need to LOVE! As a kid, and up until recently really, I didn’t realize how much…

There is Power Here

I can’t count how many times I have felt helpless in the last 20 months. When I feel like I have finally conquered one concern, fear or worry, another comes creeping in and overwhelms me again. I feel helpless most of the time. What are we to do when the things around us seem out…

This is ME

Welcome to my blog page where I share my heart on Jesus, food, fitness and mindset! I believe that true health is only found when you develop all three parts of YOU; spirit, soul and body! In my 36 years of life I have focused on one thing at a time. Thinking that my health…

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