I grew up in this generation. The generation that sported these WWJD bracelets and honestly, the “What Would Jesus Do” statement seemed so clear to me and I never really questioned it much more.

Jesus would….. love. So, I need to LOVE!

As a kid, and up until recently really, I didn’t realize how much the word LOVE has been so twisted and manipulated and actually is a cause for a major divide amongst the human race.

What is LOVE? Well, read the love chapter in the Bible and it makes it pretty clear what love IS.

1 Corinthians 13

But, that’s not what I wanna talk about today though I do think it is well worth your time to make sure you are an expert in this chapter in the Bible as it should LEAD everything we do as Christ followers.

No, I wanna unfold this really BOLD statement that seems to have taken a come back in the last couple of years, but in a less marketable way. Instead of seeing it on rubber jewelry, hats, or across the front of a shirt, you now see it ALL OVER SOCIAL MEDIA AS “Jesus WOULD”. It’s no long a question that sparks the reader to slow down but rather an attack to prove my case. Like we, as Christians, are using Jesus to justify our stance in the political world.

UGGGGGGHHHHHHHH…….. I often wonder if this irritates the Father as much as it irritates me.

And maybe the marketing of WWJD in my earlier years was a doorway for this to be used in today’s currently climate, but it seemed much less of an attack back then than it is today.

I have personally heard and read these BOLD and unbiblical statements “Jesus would be a democrat” “Jesus would be a republican” “Jesus would wear a mask” “Jesus would not wear a mask” “Jesus would get the jab” “Jesus would never get the jab” “Jesus would vote…..” “Jesus would support…..” and insert whatever worldly agenda you want in those “…..” but I think you get the point.


Where in the Bible can you support these statements?

You may be able to find a few places where Jesus acted a certain way that makes you believe that he would lean towards this stance or that stance, but I promise, if you keep reading, you will find equally as many where He leaned the other way.

I’m gonna be BOLD here and tell you EXACTLY where Jesus would stand on these things……


He would stand wherever His Father in Heaven would stand!!!!!!!!

John 5:19 “Jesus gave them this answer: “I tell you the truth, the Son can do nothing by himself; he can do only what he sees his Father doing, because whatever the Father does the Son also does”

One time Jesus spit in the mud and rubbed the eyes, another time he spoke them to be healed.

One time Jesus went immediately, another time He waited 4 days.

One time Jesus flipped tables, another time He read the scrolls.

These instances don’t seem to contradict each other to us, but that’s because we have the luxury of reading them in the future as past events. It’s a different vantage point. But if we had BEEN there, in person watching Him perform each miracle there is no doubt we would be on the edge of our seats wondering what Jesus would do next and how He would do it. What He would say and how He would say it. Why? Because He did ONLY what His Father in Heaven told Him to do.

So, would Jesus wear a mask? Yes, if His Father told Him to.

Would Jesus be a republican? Yes, If His Father told Him to be.

I’m going to challenge us all to change this new trend, and instead of speaking FOR Jesus, let us speak TO Him. When you are making a decision, turn off all the noise around you and ask the Father in Heaven and then be BOLD to do it! Jesus stopped and wrote in the sand rather than responding immediately to the question of the adulterous woman, because He was seeking the Lord for an answer in what was a religious trap, and answered with freedom breaking words that set the WHOLE GROUP FREE!!!!!!

We should NEVER use Jesus as a weapon to wound our opposition, rather a way to point people to freedom! For who the Son sets free is FREE INDEED.

So if you really want to act as Jesus would in these times, do WHAT JESUS DID.


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